Showcasing Various

Digital Creations

by Josiah Barlow

Website Redesign
This was a complete overhaul and redesign of DomeTag.com from the ground up - I created every single graphic element, took & edited all staff & product photos, as well as filmed, edited and produced a series of short videos to showcase the durability of a domed label. This image was the first version we published. Click the link below to see the final product live.
Direct Mail Piece
This was a marketing campaign I designed for DomeTag to approach the packaging industry. The focal point of this campaign was to draw attention to the gleam and dimensionality domed labels add to packaging of various products.
Domed Label Mockup
This mockup was created for a client who wanted a way to brand several hundred digital picture frames without the look being too gaudy. I provided them with a label design that fit well and showed them what it would look like on the frame.
Paintucation Label
A domed label design & mockup demonstrating the difference between a metallic brushed substrate and a solid white.
Freak Show
This logo was designed and built in full vector - using Adobe Illustrator. The client wanted a fully-editable logo so as to use it on all types of applications - but he also wanted very specific effects in the logo, which made it quite challenging to retain the editability while still achieving the look desired. The final product was quite complex but looked great.
Custom Quote Webpage
The first iteration of a custom Label Quote webpage design - I created all the graphical elements to represent the styles available and built the page with simplicity in mind, while keeping a lot of choices in view at the same time.
Jimmy Larocca Label
This client had faxed in a copy of an old business card with a grainy cobra on it - he wanted this logo on metallic chrome domed labels to apply on each of his custom race car installs.
I entirely redesigned the cobra graphic in full vector, then found a font that stood out well yet kept a classy look.
Ronstan Label Designs
Many times at DomeTag a client wouldn't have a label or sign design - and so I would take clues from their logo, website and company colors to create several options for them to consider. This always made a worried customer a confident one quickly.
Moore Maker Label Designs
This client wanted an actual photo of an actual knife they manufactured to be on their brand labels. He sent me a physical knife, which I took a high-resolution photo of to use in the design. He wanted to see a variety of color options, I provided him with this.
Staged Photo
This photo was created for the website redesign - to showcase the origins of the company as a resin belt-buckle maker. I set up the scene to appear as rustic as possible, including all props, took the photo and then edited it for the finished effect.
Receptionist Photo
This photo was created for the Customer Service portion of the website redesign - this was our actual receptionist. I wanted a soft, yet bright and friendly feel to the finished photo to help customers feel comfortable calling DomeTag.
Marina Label Design
A domed label design I created from an old logo of a marina. By recreating and vectorizing the logo, then overlaying it on a dark background of dark blue water really gave the old logo some crisp new pop.
Corrado Carbon Fiber
This customer wanted to "see" what his domed label would look like if he added a carbon fiber print over a metallic chrome backing, this is the design he chose.
Rock of Ages Label
This was a label mockup done for the Rock of Ages movie premiere. They needed a design that contoured their logo tightly, and a mockup illustrating the labels' effects with various substrate options.
Medical Device Label
This design was created for an orthopedic company - when they first approached us, they had no design yet due to the difficulty in finding an area large enough to affix the label on their knee brace. I used an actual knee brace to design this label. Mocked up with measurements shown to help illustrate the level of accuracy for label placement.
Scripted Domed Label
These labels were designed for a car collector who wanted an original look to his car projects, but with new-age durability of polyurethane. I designed these scripted domed labels for him.
Logo Rebuild
An example of an old bitmap logo, rebuilt in full vector and updated. (On left)
V6 Classic Car Emblem
This was a complete reconstruction of a classic car V6 badge, drawn entirely in Illustrator for a full vector result.
Product Photo
I was tasked with producing high-quality photos of each label we manufactured, complete with a ruler for size reference.
Product Photo
I was tasked with producing high-quality photos of each label we manufactured, complete with a ruler for size reference.
Marketing Image
I took this photo in macro mode and edited it a bit afterward to give the shot a bit more depth and drama.
Website Image
This photo was produced for use on DomeTag's website redesign, to showcase the extreme durability and rugged nature of the domed labels in a visually powerful fashion. I took the photos of the tools with the labels affixed and edited the image to give it a sharp, industrial look.
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