'The One-and-a-Half-Handed Keyboardist'

Winner of the 2005 International Online Music Award - Keyboardist of the Year

"Josiah Barlow’s music is what I consider to be a cordial invitation into his realm of compositional excellence. His graceful agility maps out a trail of adventure into the unknown and leads the way to a cure for the soul’s many ailments. He can always manage to amaze me with every new and magnificent piece of his expressional statements of feeling."  ~ Elley Wilson, IOM Magazine, June 10, 2006

“Initially, listening to Josiah's music, one does not fully understand the sublime importance of his passionate approach. Then you find out he creates music not from notes alone, but from the emotion that wells up inside him.....then you discover he was born without a complete left hand, and everything he plays is in real time, live. Then and only then does it hit you.....this is something special.

Universally speaking, music can be a therapeutic outlet and whether that is his intention or not, Josiah writes with that specifically in mind. When listening to Josiah's music, you can hear how he documents his passion for life and his love for the human race in subliminal musical passages.

Music is merely an extension of who Josiah is. Many of us use music to express ourselves where another avenue of expression will simply not do. One can honestly say Josiah sculpts the air molecules, with a passion not bestowed on many." ~ Mike Milillo, fellow musician, August, 2004

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